The IMN Graduate School

The IMN graduate school is an internal initiative for the networking of PhD students of the Institute for Micro- and Nanotechnologies MacroNano® at the Technische Universität Ilmenau. Since it is an internal initiative, there is no official  program and no fixed framework conditions. All contents and goals are determined solely by the doctoral students! In order to enable a communication as far-reaching as possible and independent of the research area, the Group is open to all doctoral students who see a connection between their research activities and the IMN.

Contents and objectives of the IMN graduate school

The focus is on knowledge transfer, mutual cooperation, as well as the exchange of experience and getting to know each other. The Graduate School thrives on the independent organisation and active participation of all doctoral students. This promotes interdisciplinary communication and bundles research resources. In addition, the Graduate School will offer support in the preparation of publications, applications and lectures or, for example, in preparing for the Rigorosum. Access to the resources of the ZMN is to be facilitated and help is to be given in dealing with conflicts, for example with one's own doctoral supervisor/mother.

Since the doctoral students in the Graduate School are at completely different stages of their doctorates, new doctoral students in particular can learn from experienced doctoral students. In the long term, the establishment of a tutoring programme is planned.

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