1st Summer School Green Micro- and Nanotechnologies

The increasing importance of sustainability and environmental compatibility requires innovative solutions within micro- and nanotechnologies. Our current projects include research into memristive materials for neuromorphic electronics, i.e. for biology-inspired and extremely energy-efficient new systems in which memristive materials act as the central component of a new type of energy-saving computer hardware. Our research and development work is both theoretical and experimental in nature. Our institute is characterized by an extremely high degree of interdisciplinarity, which is rarely found internationally. This means that our research and development work is at the highest international level and is reinforced by numerous international collaborations.

Green micro- and nanotechnologies refer to the application of micro- and nanotechnological approaches, taking into account environmentally friendly and sustainable principles. In order to avoid negative ecological, economic and social consequences of the growing demand for raw materials and energy, we need environmentally friendly information technology that is sustainable and climate-neutral along the entire value chain and throughout the entire material and product cycle.

This includes

  • Using less energy in production
  • Use of fewer resources and fewer raw materials
  • Possibility of recycling/reuse after use, or complete reintroduction into the cycle
  • Use of environmentally friendly materials and processes

Dive deep into green micro- and nanotechnology

In addition to an introduction to green micro- and nanotechnology and the theory of sustainability, the Summer School offers lectures by European experts in the fields of materials, fundamentals of neuromorphic electronics, energy-efficient computing and group projects for independent work in the laboratories of the Center for Micro- and Nanotechnologies.

Format: Summer School in presence at the TU Ilmenau

Application period: March 15 - June 17, 2024
Admission period: June 18 - June 21, 2024

Date: August 25 - 30, 2024

Fees: 750 euros (all inclusive)

Target group: Students studying for a Master's degree or doctorate (admission: students of materials science, electrical engineering, physics, biology, chemistry, applied physics, telecommunications (Bachelor's degree required))

Language: English

Andre Wirsig

What we offer at the Summer School

Michael Reichel (ari)

Excellent learning and technology environment

TU Ilmenau is an excellent university with a focus on functional materials and technologies, intelligent sensors and precision measurement technology as well as complex systems and data-intensive engineering. (Green) micro- and nanotechnology and electronics are a particular focus of research. Through the variety of lectures, tutorials, case studies and laboratory work, we pursue a learning approach in which students will significantly expand their own knowledge horizons through both theoretical background knowledge and practical application. You will be immersed in the cutting edge of micro- and nanotechnologies.


Attractive supporting program

The extensive and attractive supporting program includes a variety of institute tours and laboratory visits. This will ensure that you get an overview of micro- and nanotechnologies in Ilmenau. In addition to the university perspective, it is also important for us to provide contacts in industry. Through excursions, our participants get to know leading industrial companies.

Attractive excursions to the state capital Erfurt or to the Goethe and Schiller city of Weimar as well as to the Thuringian countryside also allow you to get to know other participants. Build up your own international network. Through active involvement, you will get to know the TU Ilmenau better and learn more about our system of degree programs, doctoral studies and the further promotion of young talent. We also present European and other funding opportunities.

Michael Reichel

All-round carefree package

Benefit from an all-round comfortable stay. In addition to the SummerSchool, accommodation, transportation and meals are included so that you can concentrate fully on learning and socializing. Excursions and the attractive social program are also included.


Weekly schedule

Impressions TU Ilmenau

The Center for Micro- and Nanotechnologies

In this video, we take a look at the Center for Micro and Nanotechnologies (ZMN) at TU Ilmenau.

The ZMN is the largest technology center at TU Ilmenau. As a technology platform of the Institute for Micro- and Nanotechnologies it forms the basis for both basic and applied research in the field of micro- and nanotechnologies and materials science at our university.

to the ForLab NSME project

Experience the ZMN on a 360 degree tour - click here

Contact persons

Prof. Peter Schaaf Center for Micro- and Nanotechnologies

+49 3677-69 3611e-mail

Maria Illing Center for Micro- and Nanotechnologies

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