Institute Management

The management of the institute is carried out in personal union with the management of the Center for Micro- and Nanotechnologies.

Prof. Dr. Peter Schaaf

Feynmanbau/ZMN, Room 302

+49 3677-69 3402


Prof. Dr. Erich Runge
Deputy Director

Feynmanbau/ZMN, Room 302

+49 3677-69 3402


Maria Illing

Feynmanbau/ZMN, Room 304

+49 3677-69 3400


Institute Board

The Executive Board of the Institute of Micro- and Nanotechnologies advises and supports the management of the Institute in the implementation of the objectives decided by the Institute Council.

Members of the institute's board of directors:


Council of the Institute

The Institute Council coordinates tasks of the Institute in research and teaching which are of general and fundamental importance. It defines focal points and long-term goals for the development of the IMN.

Members of the Institute Council:


Heads of the 37 member specialist areas

Other employees


Student Representative

  • Niklas Hornemann