Advanced Control Systems Seminar

Subject number:6419 (TKS_BA, 2 LP), 101187 (II_MA, 4 LP), 101431 (TKS_MA, 3 LP), 101616 (WIW-AT_MA, 3 LP)
Lecturer:Dr. Kai Wulff
Scope:2-4 LP
Rotation:Summer semester BA, winter semester MA
Degrees:Engineering Informatics (II_MA 2.FS, Technical Cybernetics - Systems Engineering),
Technical Cybernetics and Systems Theory (TKS_BA 6.FS, TKS_MA 2.FS) Industrial Engineering (WIW-AT_MA 3.FS)
Number of participants:still 6 (of 6) free
other names:Advanced Seminar Technical Cybernetics - System Technology (FN101187, II_MA),
Advanced Seminar Master TKS (FN 101431, TKS_MA),
Advanced Seminar Technical Cybernetics (FN6419, TKS_BA),
Advanced Seminar Automation Technology WIW (FN101616, WIW-AT_MA)
Registration of the examination performance:The advanced seminar is an alternative examination. Please register for it promptly using this form. The successful participation will be graded in the Thoska system and, if desired, confirmed with a graded certificate.


  • until 16.10.20 please announce interest in participation by email
  • 2nd week of the semester, introduction date
  • Literature research - (compulsory participation)
  • Interim report, Z 2018 (6-8 weeks after start)
  • Submission deadline manuscript (one week before colloquium)
  • Final colloquium 1, Z 2086, (end of lecture period)

Further Information