Control Systems 1

Module number:100375
Lecturer:Prof. Dr.-Ing. Johann Reger
Scope:2 SWS lecture, 2 SWS exercise, a total of 5 LP
Rotation:Summer Semester


  • Biomedical engineering (BT 4.FS)
  • Electrical engineering (EIT 4.FS)
  • Computer Science (IN 4.FS)
  • Engineering informatics (II 4.FS)
  • Teaching profession (LAE 6.FS)
  • Mechanical Engineering Diploma (MB-Diplom 6. FS)
  • Mechatronics (MTR 4.FS)
  • Technical Cybernetics and Systems Theory (TKS 4.FS)
  • Industrial engineering (WIW-ET 4.FS)



e-learning (status 30.4.20): The lectures and exercises in the summer semester 2020 will be offered in a Moodle course. Every Monday a further recording of the lecture and exercise will be made available.

Start of lectures:4.4
Rehearsal exam and question time:9.7. (Audimax) and 16.7. (F-Hs) , each at 15.00-16.30
Begin exercises:WEEK 15
Lecture:Thursdays15.00 - 16.30  Johann Reger
Exercises:Thursdays09.00 - 10.30Webex Kai Wulff, Julian Willkomm, Matti Noack

Exercises that are cancelled due to public holidays or central university events cannot usually be made up. Please visit another exercise date in the corresponding weeks.

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