Adaptive and Variable Structure Systems

Course number:100908 (module) / 100755 (subject)
Lecturer:Dr. Kai Wulff
scope:2 SWS VL, 1 SWS Exercise, 1 SWS Internship, 5 LP The module includes an internship consisting of 2 attempts. to get credit for the module, these attempts must be successfully completed, but they are not a prerequisite for the examination. binding registration for the internship via Thoska-System until 31.10.
rotation:Winter Semester
courses of studies:EIT_MA (AST), EPCE_MA, II_MA (TKST), MTR_MA (MTS), MTR_MA (RMS), TKS_MA
requirements:linear control systems in frequency domain (RST 1) and in state space (RST 2 or DR)
Testing:Oral (30min)


examination dates:to be announced, registration at the secretariat.

Dates in WS 2020/21:

LV is offered as a classroom event.

Lecture/Exercise:Tuesdays11.00 - 12.30Sr HU 012  
Lecture/exercise:Mondays (odd weeks, from ab 25.10.21))11.00 - 12.30   
Additional date:not planned yet    

For didactic reasons there are always 2 lectures followed by an exercise. Therefore, the days of the week can be shifted accordingly.

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