M.Sc. Xujiang Huang
Research assistant

Ilmenau University of Technology
Faculty of Computer Science and Automation
Institute of Automation and Systems Engineering
Department of Process Optimization

Helmholtzplatz 5
98693 Ilmenau
Zusebau, Room 3092

Phone: +49 3677 69-4802



  • Determination of optimal driving strategies for several vehicles using the method of multi-agent systems



Winter semester

  • System optimization



Student support


Master and Bachelor theses (current)

  • Nonlinear model predictive control for vehicle overtaking maneuver using car-to-car communication (Wenzhe Zhang)
  • A Matlab-based simulator for building digital maps and off-line verifying trajectory planning methods (Zheng Zheng)
  • Prädiktive modellgestützte Regelung unter Berücksichtigung von Straßenprofil im Kontext des autonomen Fahrens (Weimiao Xie)

Master and Bachelor theses (completed)

  • Study of operation strategies for multi-robot box-pushing by a multi-agent reinforcement learning approach (Wenyu Yang, closed on 29.03.2016)

Project and advanced seminars (current)

  • Vehicle localization methods using V2V elastic network (Ihrahim Yussif)
  • A study of state-of-the-art VANET in URBAN intersections (Baidurjya Choudhury)

Project and advanced seminars (completed)

  • Path planning algorithm based on the framework of binary decision diagrams (BDDs) (Maike Ballmes)
  • A study of kinematic and dynamic models fr lateral vehicle motion (Markus Weber)
  • Multi-Agent Systems with Ant Colony Optimization Algorithms (Azam Afzaal Tahir, closed on 29.09.2015)

Own master thesis


A multi-objective optimization approach for model predictive control of decentralized system (08.08.2014)