Current projects


Online-Monitoring und digitale Steuerung in Trinkwasserversorgungssystemen (MoDiCon)
Kooperationspartner: Prof. Mathias Ernst, TU Hamburg Harburg, Prof. Avi Ostfeld, Technion, Haifa/Israel
Laufzeit: 01.07.2020-30.06.2023
Gefördert durch BMBF

Optimal Pressure and Water Age Management of Water Distribution Systems –
Under Uncertain Demand and Flexible Electrical Energy Tariff
Kooperationspartner: Prof. Avi Ostfeld, Technion, Haifa/Israel
Laufzeit: 01.12.2020-30.11.2023
Gefördert durch DFG

myLog MOL - Ein 5G-gesteuertes Logistiksystem zur Stabilisierung des Einzelhandels in Märkisch Oderland.
Gefördert durch BMVI

Hochschulkooperationen mit den African Institutes for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS) - „Systems Optimization for Sustainable Resources Utilization“
Gefördert durch BMBF

Managing green Energy feed-in uncertainty for cost-efficiently reliable power system operation via AC CHance-constrained security constrained Optimal power flow (ECHO)
Gefördert durch DFG

Optimal and Robust Operations of Complex Processes with Non-Gaussian Distributed Uncertain Variables under Chance Constraints – Extension to Model Predictive Control of Parabolic Partial Differential Equation Systems
Laufzeit: 01.05.2020-30.04.2022

Finished projects


Model Driven Physical Systems Operation (MODRIO), Gesamteuropäisches ITEA 2-Programm Weitere Informationen



  • Stochastische Optimierung komplexer Systeme unter Unsicherheiten
  • Reglerentwurf und Optimierung zur Positionierung im Nanometerbereich


  • Effiziente Integration objektorientierter Simulationsmodelle
  • Framework zur Parameterschätzung, Modellverifikation und Online-Validierung von Kraftwerksmodellen

Fraunhofer Institute IOSB, Application Center Systems Technology, Ilmenau, performs under participation of Ilmenau Technical University, Institute for Automation and Systems Engineering, Simulation and Optimal Processes Group and German Water Partnership a
Serial Summer School “System solutions to integrated water and energy resources management” 2012, 2013, and 2014, supported by German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).
The summer school is directed to participants from Indonesia, Iran, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, and Vietnam.
The first and second part took place from 16 to 30 September 2012 and from 16 to 27 September 2013 in Ilmenau, Germany.
The third part will take place in late summer 2014. The call for application you will find between April and June 2014 here.


other older projects can be found (older than 2014) in the archive