Remote Lab/E-Learning

The hybrid interactive online lab GOLDi - Grid of Online Lab Devices Ilmenau represents a cloud concept for the realization of a universal remote lab infrastructure. It enables the independent design and simulation of control algorithms on real and virtual test objects such as elevators, high-bay warehouses and other physical hardware models in various specification techniques.

A number of online tools are integrated into the online lab, giving students the opportunity for Internet-based experimentation with the knowledge imparted in theory during the individual learning units. These online tools, which are tailored to the training process, are designed as Interactive Learning Objects (ILOs).

The knowledge acquired in the online lab is applied in the courses Rechnerorganisation and Technische Informatik . Topics include Boolean expression algebra and digital automata among others.  First, the difference between constants and variables should be recognized. For this purpose, the students are given the task of controlling the trolley of a gantry crane model in the remote lab, i.e. to make it move back and forth. After entering the Boolean expressions and starting the experiment, the movement can be observed and the students receive immediate feedback on their actions. In the case of incorrect input, either the model misbehaves (for example, unexpected movement) or an error message is issued in the case of errors that would destroy the gantry crane (such as travel beyond end positions).