Copter Research

Flexible aerial platforms for self-organized outdoor/indoor applications

  • Scalable and flexible Linux-based UAV platform for developing and testing self-organized navigation algorithms
  • Integration of multiple communication technologies onboard (SDR, Wifi, LTE, Zigbee, Lora)
  • Indoor drone arena

Cyber Physical Systems for multiple UAVs

  • Platform-based design, development and validation of self-organized algorithms for multiple autonomous UAVs
  • Integrated analysis of multiple UAV subsystems (computing, control and communication) for reliable results
  • Simulation and hardware combination for modelling and analysis of complex UAV-based distributed systems

 Self-organized traffic management and collision avoidance for UAVs

  • Self-organized collision avoidance for single UAVs and flocks
  • Emergence of traffic infrastructure such as virtual roads and roundabouts for UAVs traffic organization
  • Integration of collision avoidance algorithms with applications for communication, logistics and reconnaissance

Self-Organized Aerial Base Station Placement

  • Self-organized base station location to improve communication capacity for temporary events
  • Follow-the-traffic principle for capacity maximization and interference minimization
  • Self-organized, force-based algorithm, Q-learning to adapt to dynamics

Multi-UAV-based Delay-Tolerant Networking

  • Cost efficient message delivery for disconnected wireless nodes
  • UAVs employed as message ferries exploiting the controlled-mobility of UAVs
  • Adaptation to traffic specifics as traffic volume and direction
  • Fully self-organized solution without need for global knowledge

Indoor and Outdoor Localization of Wireless Devices

  • Indoor and outdoor localization
  • GSM- and WLAN-based localization
  • Adaptive 2D and 3D flight trajectories to reduce flight time