Interactive learning objects

  • online tools tailored to the training process
  • Possibilities of internet-supported experimentation with the knowledge imparted in theory
  • integrated into the online laboratory GOLDi
  • also integrated as stand-alone tools in Moodle

EIFEL - Development and testing of interactive content objects for use in digitally supported teaching and examination scenarios

  • Basis for a digital support of learning processes in the subjects computer organisation/technical informatics/switching systems
  • Possibilities to design new forms of teaching such as flipped classroom and problem-based learning with the help of virtual and remote-controlled laboratory experiments
  • Support of individual practice-oriented learning through flexible access to experiments in terms of time and place.

Use of Interactive Learning Objects for the MINT Education of the Future

  • chosen by the Stifterverband as one of the 100 best ideas for the future of the education, science and innovation system
  • Use of web-based tools for the analysis, synthesis and simulation of digital circuits and controls
  • Tailored specifically to the education process so that users with different levels of prior knowledge can always use these tools intuitively and easily