Copter Lab

Our copter lab is used to assemble and further develop our copter fleet. The individual copters were configured based on existing kits and are modified and equipped with the adapted extensions such as LIDAR, camera and GPS by the scientific staff doing research and equipped with the necessary extensions such as LIDAR, camera and GPS and adapted for various communication technologies and loaded algorithms to be tested on the copter platform.


About Copters

  • 15 years’ experience with self-developed copter-based UAVs
  • 10 years experimental experience on on-board computing and on-the-fly decision making for UAVs
  • Line follower (Robot Challenge, Air Race, 2015 & 2016)
  • Radio reconnaissance
  • Node localization (GSM, WLAN)
  • Delay-tolerant message ferrying
  • Network repair (WLAN)
  • Aerial base station placement (GSM, LTE)
  • Collision avoidance (beacon-based)
  • Swarming