Practice beats theory

We don't settle for theoretical proofs and paper work. Our mission is to proof the results of our research in practice. Our practical experience comprises the development of protocols and algorithms for mobile communication systems as well as the development of  cyber-physical systems.


Our focus in the area of mobile communications is on

  • network management of 5G systems, esp. the coordination of SON use cases employing machine learning,
  • radio resource management, esp. for D2D communication in 5G,
  • prototyping of OpenRAN solutions based on open source SW and SDRs.

Our focus in the area of cyber-physical systems are Linux-based copter systems, esp.

  • autonomous copter-based UAVs cooperating in a self-organized way,
  • algorithms for swarming and collision avoidance between copters,
  • the development of autonomous multi-UAV systems based on digital twins and
  • application of copters for communication and localization purposes.

The following labs allow us to validate our work: