KIMA-5G - AI-based management and automation for 5G OpenRAN

Subproject: Method for ML-based optimization of OpenRAN-based 5G networks.

The overall objective of the BSI/BMI project, which is being carried out jointly with AiVader GmbH, is to develop a cloud- and AI-based tool for the joint optimization of network coverage, capacity and interference of OpenRAN-based campus networks as a building block for an open cloud-based network management system for 5G systems. Many years of preliminary work at the TU Ilmenau form the basis for the AI-based network optimization whereby the particular strength of the TU Ilmenau is the implicit ML-based coordination of multiple conflicting objective functions.

Within the subproject of the TU, ML-based algorithms for capacity, coverage and interference optimization will be adapted and extended to the latest requirements and constraints of OpenRAN-based private 5G networks. This should ensure a secure and reliable operation of private 5G networks.