Research of EMS GroupResearch of EMS Group

Interface Competence

Communications, RF engineering, signal processing, and electronic measurements engineering are very distinct disciplines. While their respective methods and applications appear to be quite different, they share common problems in measurement data acquisition, sensor interface design, signal processing, parameter identification, data analysis and information extraction. The Electronic Measurements and Signal Processing Group acts exactly at the crossroad of these disciplines with the main goal to apply advanced digital signal processing and RF circuit design methods to provide innovation in cutting edge measurement problems in a variety of application fields such as mobile radio and RF remote sensing.

"Over-the-Air Research and Testing": Research Platforms

At the Fraunhofer Facility for Over-the-air Research and Testing (FORTE), the EMS group is equipped with a unique infrastructure for measurements, testing, emulation and development of wireless communication systems. The facility comprises two research platforms: namely the “SatCom” and “MIMO-OTA”.  The SatCom platform consists of a 50m high antenna tower and a motion emulator designed for testing SatCom-on-the-move systems with respect to the tracking capability of the antennas. The MIMO-OTA platform, on the other hand, by means of a large number of realtime capable signal generators, channel emulators and dataprocessing units implements wavefield synthesis in order to emulate arbitrary radio environments. This platform is successfully employed in a variety of applications, such as mobile communications, GNSS, industrial communication and V2X communications.

Teams of EMS Group

The research group Electronic Measurements and Signal Processing is divided in six teams which work on different research focuses. This structure allows dynamic synergies and diverse results throughout the field of mobil communication and signal processing.