Team Over-the-Air Research and Testing of EMS GroupTeam Over-the-Air Research and Testing of EMS Group

Team Over-the-Air Research and Testing


Performance analysis of communication and navigation systems

The Team Over the Air Research and Testing (TORTE) is devoted to the investigation and performance analysis of communication and navigation systems in the subject area of mobile satellite communication, mobile broadband communication, localisation and navigation (e.g. LTE, 5G and GNSS).

Emulation of test environments

Virtual electromagnetic test environments are developed and improved regarding hardware and software (e. g. using wavefield synthesis, wireless cable and conducted tests) to enable research of communication and navigation systems.

Facility for Over-the-Air Research and Testing (FORTE)

At our testing facility Facility for Over-the-Air Research (FORTE), electromagnetic wave fields are emulated and tests conducted in a verifiable environment. The facility hosts the three research platforms SatCom, 5G-mmWave and MIMO-OTA.

Over-the-Air-Tests in virtueller elektromagnetischer UmgebungTU Ilmenau
Over-the-Air tests in virtual electromagnetic environments
VISTA ForschungsplattformTU Ilmenau
VISTA Research Platform
TU Ilmenau
5G mmWave Research Platform


Anna RüppelTU Ilmenau
Anna Rüppel

Team Manager

Rüppel, Anna (FhG)

Phone: +49 3677 69-4294
Office: Helmholtz building Room H2564

Team Members

  • Beuster, Niklas
  • Elkhouly, Mostafa
  • Eltohamy, Ali Hosny Mohamed
  • Brochloß-Gerner, Ramona
  • Gnana Prakash, Deepikha
  • Große, Peter
  • Henze, Volker
  • Lorenz, Mario
  • Vintimilla, Renato Zea