Team Radio Modelling, Sounding and Sensing of EMS GroupTeam Radio Modelling, Sounding and Sensing of EMS Group

Team Radio Modelling, Sounding and Sensing

TU Ilmenau
TU Ilmenau


Channel Modelling

We derive channel models from channelsounding and propagation simulation for evaluation and emulation purposes. 

High Resoluation Parameter Estimation

Concepts including high resoluation parameter estimations are derived for channel analysis and radio detection, localisation and imaging. 


Further, we develop concepts for joint communication and radar application at physical and higher layers.

Signal Processing Concepts

are derived at above directions based on artificial intelligence.


Dipl.-Ing. Christian SchneiderTU Ilmenau
Dipl.-Ing. Christian Schneider

Team Manager

Dipl.-Ing. Schneider, Christian (TU)

Phone: +49 3677 69-1397
Office: Helmholtz building Room 2523

Team Members

  • Czaniera, Daniela
  • Döbereiner, Michael
  • Gedschold, Jonas
  • Greubel, Christian
  • Häfner, Stephan
  • Hassan, Nina
  • Myint, James
  • Käske, Martin
  • Dr.-Ing. Kotterman, Wim
  • Pawar, Sankalp Prakash
  • Schieler, Steffen
  • Semper, Sebastian
  • Smeenk, Carsten
  • Wegner, Tim Erich