The Audiovisual Test Labs consist of three interconnected laboratories and an additional room for operating the technology. They are used to perform visual and audiovisual perception tests and are located on the first floor (south wing) of the Helmholtz Building.

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Equipment details

The Audiovisual Test Labs comply with the ITU-R standard BT.500 and thus enable tests according to the ITU-T standards P.800, P.805, P.910, P.919, P.1301 and P.1302.

Furthermore, various augmented, virtual and mixed reality devices, such as head-mounted displays and 360° cameras, as well as high-quality TV screens with corresponding feeds and a 3D-scanner are available.

TU Ilmenau | Eckhardt Schön

Usage Regulations.pdf for the Laboratories at the Institute of Media Technology

Lab support

Scientific Support

Stephan Fremerey M. Sc.
49 3677 69-1577 | Send e-mail
Helmholtz Building, Room H 3534 b

Rakesh Rao Ramachandra Rao M. Sc.
+49 3677 69-3755 | Send e-mail
Helmholtz Building, Room H 3537

Technical Support

Matthias Döring
+49 3677 69-2678 | Send e-mail
Media Lab, Room 103

Audiovisual Test Labs occupancy plan