The spacious usability lab of the Department of Media Production is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, such as a modern HD recording system. This allows a variety of sophisticated investigations to be carried out. With three permanently installed HD cameras with pan-tilt-zoom function and two permanently installed microphones, all relevant details can be recorded during usability tests or focus group investigations. In addition, mobile cameras and microphones can be connected to the system if required. An HD video mixer and recorder are available for processing the audio and video data. The client can directly experience the user reaction during the usability tests in the control and observation room without distracting the test person. For this purpose, a semi-transparent mirror was integrated between the control and observation room and the test room.

Furthermore, a mobile usability lab is available in the department of media production to conduct usability tests at different locations. The mobile usability lab is also capable of recording HD video data.

Lab support

Susanne Jakob
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