The Usability Lab of the "User-centric Analysis of Multimedia Data" Group enables us to conduct usability studies in various real-life usage situations. With the help of interviews, focus groups or usability tests, the needs of users can be ascertained and the usability of interactive systems can be optimized.

The control and observation room is connected to the test room by a semi-transparent mirror. Thus, the interactions of the test persons can be experienced directly without distracting them. Three fixed cameras with pan-tilt-zoom function and two microphones capture the desired test details. If required, additional mobile cameras and microphones can be connected to the system. A video mixer and recorder are available for processing the audio and video data.

Usability Lab | Kirchhoffbau, Rooms 3008/3009

Contact person
Susanne Jakob
49 3677 69-1518 | Send e-mail
Kirchhoffbau, Room K 3012