Diversity at the TU Ilmenau

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The Ilmenau University of Technology sees itself as an open and future-oriented institution as a place of learning and teaching, research and work. Our culture is characterized by mutual respect and appreciation. We actively promote a non-discriminatory university and campus culture and seek to promote participation and self-determination for people of different social backgrounds. and self-determination for people of different social and cultural backgrounds, gender identities, ages, religions and sexual orientations, as well as for all people with and without barriers to participation. to ensure.

Our strategy

Following our mission statement and the vision of a cosmopolitan campus family, the goal is to enable equal opportunity participation of all university members. Strategically, the TU Ilmenau pursues a holistic integrative approach to the following topics:

  • "How are people doing in the processes of the university? (Vision Campus Family)
  • Equal opportunities and equality
  • Compatibility of family - studies - career
  • Implementation of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities - development and implementation of an inclusion action plan
  • Counselling services for employees and students
  • Diversity-sensitive university health management

Since March 2021, the University has entered the process of the auditing procedure "Shaping Diversity" together with the Stifterverband.

Goals & Tasks

The Diversity Dimensions

Personality is at the centre. The TU Ilmenau would like to enable employees and students to live and develop this personality in the best possible way. The almost unchangeable dimensions, called the inner dimension, are arranged around the personality. The outer and organisational dimensions are those on which the TU Ilmenau can have an effect and which are taken into account in the work as a staff unit.

Focal points of the diversity work at the TU Ilmenau:

Compatibility of family - studies - career

Inclusion and compensation for disadvantages


Conflict and threat

Members of the TU Ilmenau can find detailed information and offers on the intranet and in the advisory compass.

Service & Contact

Diversity Officer

Andrea Krieg

+49 3677 69 1710


Counselling and Inclusion

Dipl.-Psych. Carolin Stotzka

+49 3677 69-3339



Equality Officer

Dr.-Ing. Katja Tonisch

+49 3677 69 3212



Inclusion Officer

Anja Röper

+49 3677 69 1753


Office of the Representative for Severely Disabled Persons

Christine Spira

+49 3677 69-3318



Gender identity counseling

Jennifer Graul



Diversity-Workshop 2019

In the context of the first Diversity Workshop of the TU Ilmenau for Diversity Day 2019, first thoughts were documented by a graphic recorder. You can find some excerpts in the gallery. You can find the complete posters here.