Healthy working at the TU Ilmenau

The health of our employees is particularly important to us. Healthy, motivated and productive employees are a prerequisite for a successful university. Our offers, such as health courses, preventive measures or active breaks, are designed to promote healthy working and bring more movement into the often sedentary working day. Employees with health restrictions can take advantage of targeted support services.

Healthy work. Because health-oriented employees move more.

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Healthy at work

A workplace that is designed with health in mind and offers healthy working conditions not only promotes health, but also makes a decisive contribution to the motivation and performance of employees. Ergonomic workplace training, active breaks in the office, workplace inspections, as well as flexible working time models and needs-based training provide the best conditions for a healthy workplace.

Employees can find all the information they need on Healthy at Work in SharePoint.


TU Ilmenau's occupational health management includes various preventive services designed to prevent illness. In addition to screenings and health tests, selected vaccinations are offered to employees. The annual flu vaccination is very popular.

Furthermore, a company doctor offers regular consultation hours on campus.

Employees can find all information on preventive care in SharePoint. / thirdman

Mental health and relaxation

In addition to physical health, it is equally important to remain mentally healthy. Rapidly changing working conditions, increasing demands and increasing time pressure increase the perception of stress. Developing a relaxed and mindful attitude helps to stay focused and on top of things. To promote mental health, relaxation and mindfulness courses, mobile massages, and also individual consultations are offered.

Employees can find information on mental health and relaxation in SharePoint.


Exercise and nutrition

In addition to the health and sports courses of the University Sports Center, the region offers countless leisure and excursion opportunities for outdoor exercise. Whether hiking, mountain biking, forest bathing, climbing or skiing, many things are possible in the Thuringian Forest. A visit to the Ilmenau swimming pool or the ice rink is also worthwhile. Find more sports offers and leisure tips in and around Ilmenau here.

For a healthy and balanced lunch break, the refectories of the Studierendenwerk always offer varied meals. In addition to the MensaVital program line, there is also one vegetarian and one vegan menu. Emphasis is also placed on regionality and short delivery routes.

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TK HealthCoach online

The professional online service from Techniker Krankenkasse helps people achieve their personal health goals. Increase fitness, learn relaxation techniques, eat healthier or stop smoking -  TK Health Coach provides support. An individually tailored training plan with special exercise modules, information videos, personal challenges, and documentation of learning progress help you achieve success step by step.


Advice compass for employees

Do you need specific support concerning your everyday work, your own professional development or challenging life situations?

The  counselling compass provides employees with an overview of the information and counseling services offered by the TU Ilmenau.