Compatibility of family at the TU Ilmenau

By creating new framework conditions and using existing resources and facilities, the family-friendly and future-oriented university location Ilmenau will be expanded. Top priority is given to the compatibility of studies or career and family. In particular, the overarching anchoring of the family concept and the creation of family-friendly study and working conditions through targeted and innovative measures form the basis for the expansion of a family-friendly TU Ilmenau. The idea of family-friendliness is supported by the construct of the campus family, which unites all members as a symbol of belonging, responsibility and well-being.

TU Ilmenau

The Campus Family Office

With the Campus Family Office, the Ilmenau University of Technology and the Studierendenwerk Thüringen would like to improve the conditions for the compatibility of study/work and family. The aim is to create family-friendly study conditions for students and family-friendly working conditions for university employees.

Contrary to a widespread opinion in the public that studying allows enough leeway for children and family, studying and doctoral parents are under great daily time pressure and a high stress load. The Campus Family Office has set itself the goal of making Ilmenau University of Technology a family-friendly university where studying and having a child can be easily combined. The office is a central contact point for students and university employees.

Information on contact and office hours can be found here.

The Kita Studentenflöhe

Under the sponsorship of the Studierendenwerk Thüringen, the facility has now existed for over 40 years on the campus of the Ilmenau University of Technology in dormitory block A. There have been numerous changes and new buildings since then.

Today, the KiTa has space for 60 children aged 0 to 3 years and a very beautiful play garden suitable for small children directly in front of the building. A beautiful park not far from the daycare center invites to eventful walks.

Due to the proximity to the university and the extended opening hours, students and employees of the university in particular are offered optimal care possibilities for their offspring. In this way, they are supported in organizing their everyday lives.

To the website of the day care center Studentenflöhe

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Parent-Child Workplace

As family or parent-child workplaces, both the library and a flexible office can be equipped with a KidsBox equipped. In addition to various toys and activities for children up to primary school age, the KidsBox also contains a travel cot and a folding mattress. Quickly assembled, the office can be transformed into a workplace for parent and child in no time at all.

Staff and students can find all information about the rules of use, the locations and booking in SharePoint.

Netzwerk Familie in der Hochschule e. V.

The universities in the Family in Higher Education Association see themselves as pioneers in the social development towards more family orientation and appreciation of diversity. Compatibility is integrated into the profile development of these universities and is considered a management and cross-sectional task that must meet high standards.

As a member university, the TU Ilmenau has signed the Charter Family in Higher Education. By signing the charter, the TU Ilmenau makes a voluntary commitment to promote the compatibility of family tasks with studies, teaching, research and science-supporting activities and to align its organisational and personnel development strategies accordingly. The standards laid down in the charter are implemented independently and further developed in the long term.