New Project: 6G Campus Ilmenau - Flexibly expandable 5G campus network

We have been awarded funding to set up a flexible 5G+ campus network on the university's Ehrenberg campus. 

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New Project: FraudDetect - Detecting fraud in energy and water networks using smart metering

The Integrated Communication Systems group at TU Ilmenau and the spin-off Aivader GmbH are working together with Cuculus GmbH in the new joint project FraudDetect.

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Best Paper Award

The paper "Trust Me: Explainable ML in Self-Organized Network Management" by Faiaz Nazmetdinov, Diego Preciado Rojas and Andreas Mitschele-Thiel won the Best Paper Award at AnNet workshop 2023 in Miami.

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Research Areas and Infrastructure


Our research is focusing on the following areas:

  • Network management of 5G systems, esp. the coordination of SON use cases using machine learning
  • Radio resoure management, esp. for D2D communication in 5G
  • Prototyping of OpenRAN solutions based on SDRs
  • Copter-based UAVs, esp. for communication and localization purposes
  • Development of autonomous multi-UAV systems using digital twins

We operate the following labs to validate our research: