Introduction to LaTeX


Short references


Style sheet

  • LaTeX template (with some tips and routines) for a manuscript in the advanced seminar control engineering (last update: 19.7.21)
  • The translated document converted to pdf format should look like this
  • nice and well maintained template for final papers at the TU Ilmenau




  • A free distribution for Windows is available here.
  • A distribution for the Mac that is easy to install is MacTex-2007.
  • Under Unix/Linux LaTeX is usually already installed. Here you can use the command "latex" in the command line.


  • free editors with extensive tools and functionalities for editing LaTeX documents under Windows: TeXmaker, TeXstudio, TeXnicCenter.
  • WinEdt is a very comfortable and highly configurable shareware editor for editing LaTeX documents under Windows.
  • For the Mac either iTeXMac or TeXShop would be recommended (both free of charge).
  • Under Unix/Linux you simply use your favorite editor. Xemacs can be configured specifically for LaTeX. A similar feature is already implemented in Kile.


  • Inkscape is a very powerful graphics program (freeware!). It's great for block diagrams, etc. and exports in many different graphic formats (incl. eps).
  • Comprehensive TeX Archive Network - very complete archive for LaTeX and all that goes with it Jabref is an open source bibliography manager. It allows you to manage extensive collections of literature and integrate them directly into a LaTeX document via BibTeX. Sounds more difficult than it is!
  • Feedback on these tips and info is very welcome. If you find that a link is outdated, or you have found better sources, tutorials or documentation, PLEASE LET ME KNOW!