Cooperation with the Thuringian University Libraries

University libraries are developing into universal media service providers, with spaces for meeting, exchange and learning. The libraries are thus essential carriers of modern infrastructures and an important component of the science system in Thuringia.

Numerous new tasks are placing ever greater demands on the human, technical and financial resources of university libraries in Thuringia as well. New approaches to acquisition management pose great challenges, especially for smaller university libraries.

For this reason, the Thuringian university libraries have been working together more intensively since 2016 as the "Cooperation Network of Thuringian University Libraries" - abbreviated to "ThHoBi". This allows them to better meet the growing demands for quality and quantity of services and create a powerful, efficient and networked information infrastructure that develops and maintains services across universities.

The central instance of the cooperation is the Library Service Centre (BSC), which is supported by the university libraries (service units) of Jena and Ilmenau. The BSC is supported by five working groups, whose members in turn come from all university libraries. The working groups deal with the topics of acquisition and collection management, open access, IT infrastructure, use and information literacy. In these working groups, representatives of all university libraries look for suitable, often inter-university solutions to current challenges, be it corona protection concepts, consortia in acquisition or the defence against computer viruses.

As a member of the cooperation network ThHoBi, the UB Ilmenau also participates in the joint activities and sees in the cooperation a great benefit for the university libraries in Thuringia and for the development of the Thuringian universities in research and teaching.

For more information about the Cooperation Network of Thuringian University Libraries ThHoBi, please click HERE.