Library communication 1/2024

17. January 2024

New e-book packages in the University Library's digital offering

At the beginning of 2024, the University Library significantly expanded its range of e-books available campus-wide through the permanent acquisition of access licenses. A particular focus is the expansion of the range of English-language titles. The following packages were acquired:

The Faculty of Business, Economics and Media has made its own funds available for the acquisition of two English-language e-book packages from Springer Nature:

The individual titles of the packages for the publication year 2024 will only become available gradually over the course of the year and can then be found via our catalog.

Like all content licensed for a fee, the new e-books are only accessible from the campus network or from outside via VPN or Shibboleth authentication.

If you have any questions, please contact the University Library's licensing team:

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