Library of things

In addition to books and other media, we also lend items for everyday use in the University Library, such as baskets for your materials, various cables, adapters, whiteboard pens, and much more. Here you can see the complete range of items offered by the Library of Things. Simply note the number of the item you need and contact your colleagues at the counter. Please note that you must be registered at the University Library to borrow items.

To find the desired item more quickly, you can open the web page with the command Ctrl+F to search.

Projector with remote control

Number: Beamer

Screen (monitor)

Number: Screen

Box with moderation materials (whiteboard markers, sponge, scissors, magnets, pin needles, moderation cards).

Number: Pens


Number: Basket

Deck chair

Number: Deck chair


Number: Iron

Keyboard (PC)

Keyboard (PC)

Number: Keyboard (PC)


2x Cinch (audio) < > Mini jack 3.5 mm stereo

Number: 1


DisplayPort > HDMI socket

Number: 2

HDMI < > mini HDMI

Number: 3

HDMI > VGA socket, mini jack socket 3.5 mm, micro USB socket

Number: 4

HDMI > VGA socket

Number: 5

HDMI cable short (3m)

Number: 6

HDMI cable long (5m)

Number: 7

Hole puncher

Number: 8

Mouse (wired)

Number: 9

micro-HDMI > HDMI socket

Number: 10

mini DisplayPort > DVI socket

Number: 11

mini DisplayPort > HDMI

Number: 12

mini DisplayPort > HDMI socket

Number: 13

mini DisplayPort > VGA socket

Number: 14

mini-HDMI > HDMI socket

Number: 15

Patch cable

Number: 16

Smart display set (HDMI cable; USB cable; 2 pens; user manual)

Number: 17


Number: 18

Universal socket adapter

Number: 19

USB A < > micro USB

Number: 20


Number: 21


Number: 22

USB A < > Lightning Connector

Number: 23

USB C < > HDMI socket

Number: 24

USB C < > Lightning Connector

Number: 25

USB power supply

Number: 26

USB power supply unit (DUAL USB)

USB power supply (DUAL USB)

Number: 26+4

USB flash drive

Number: 27

Extension cable short (2m)

Number: 28

Extension cable long (5m)

Number: 29

VGA cable

Number: 30

USB A < > USB A extension cable

Number: 31

Stamp pad

Number: 32

Hot glue gun (insulated interchangeable nozzle and mechanical feed, 15 watts, for glue sticks 100x11.2 mm)

Number: 33

mini jack 3.5 mm stereo < - > mini jack 3.5 mm stereo

Number: 34

Display Lernwelt: 1x HDMI cable 1x USB cable 1x pen (stylus)

Display Lernwelt: 1x HDMI cable 1x USB cable 1x pen (stylus)

Number: 34

USB C power supply unit

USB C power supply unit

Number: 36

Correction Tape (Tipp-Ex)

Correction Tape (Tipp-Ex)

Number: 37

Escape Game: "Unlocking UB"

Escape Spiel: "Unlocking UB" [German]

Number: 38

Escape Game: "Unlocking UB"

Escape Game: "Unlocking UB" [English]

Number: 39

Lightning Connector > mini jack socket

Lightning Connector > mini jack socket

Number: 40