BibFlix Tutorial: E-book use explained simply

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How to find our e-books

Search in the catalogue:

You can search as usual and then narrow down the set of hits to the material type "Online resources (without periodicals)" using the "Analyse Set" function.

The link to the full text of the e-book can be found at the bottom of the selected title display.

Search in the Ilmenauer Discovery Tool:

Here you use the tab "in Ilmenau" for your search and limit the search to "online yes" as well as to the format "book".

Click on "Online access" in the title display to access the full text of the e-book.



Access to e-books licensed by the UB Ilmenau with IP address recognition works:

  • if you are in the IP address range of the TU-Ilmenau campus (141.24.*.*),
  • worldwide from any computer.without prior installation of software components using Shibboleth (if supported by the provider) or
  • if you log into the IP address range using VPN and then access the respective title (in some cases the use of the VPN profile "def-ext-full" is required).

Tips and tricks

Please note:
If you continue your research on the pages of the respective e-book providers, you will also be directed to offers that have not been licensed / purchased for the TU Ilmenau.