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University Bibliography of the TU Ilmenau

The publications of members of the TU Ilmenau are listed in the University Bibliography. The publications must have been produced in connection with an activity at the university. If the university library owns the publications, you will find the corresponding signature or even a link to the electronic full text.

Members of the TU Ilmenau enter the bibliographic data of their publications into the registration forms.

If an electronic full text is to be published, this can be done as a secondary publication or directly via ilmedia. The electronic documents are then automatically listed in the university bibliography. You can find more information on the website Electronic Publishing.

To ensure that the cataloguing is uniform and bibliographically accurate, the departments provide the University Library with complete copies of articles from journals that arein the library's holdings. For all other publications that are also not in the library's holdings, we ask that they be made available for inspection or that a voucher copy be provided for the library's holdings.


Registration forms for the university bibliography

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If your publication has a persistent identifier (DOI, URN, Handle), please use our

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Dependent works

Dependent works

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