Library communication 2/2022

29 June 2022

New campus license: Scopus database

The University Library expands its information resources with the database Scopus, one of the world's most comprehensive and significant bibliographic databases. While thoroughly evaluating the holdings in close cooperation with the faculties and the student body, a clear need emerged to make the database available campus-wide. The financing is ensured by coordinated cancellations.

Scopus lists more than 84 million publications from almost all scientific fields and focuses mainly on the natural, health and life sciences, as well as social sciences. Thanks to the integration of elaborate citation data (references and citations), citation analyses can also be carried out at many levels (journals, articles, authors, institutions, etc.).

The database is available to members and affiliates of the TU Ilmenau via the campus network and also remotely via VPN or Shibboleth.

Landing page in the database info system with further information:

Direct link:

Help on search techniques and other introductory information provided by the publisher:

We are pleased to make this database available campus-wide and welcome feedback at any time.