The resuls of the BuK exam (SS 2023) are released on the Thoska system.

The written exam will take place on 09.08.2023, 13:00 - 14:30 in Hs 2. All information about the written exams can be found here.

There will be a consultation on 03 August at 13:00 in room Sr K 2026.

In order to be able to inform you about room and other changes, if necessary, please register in the corresponding moodle course.


Lecture 01 (04/06/2023): Slides Lecture 02 (04/13/2023): Slides, recording Lecture 03 (04/20/2023): Slides, recording Lecture 04 (04/27/2023): Slides, recording Lecture 05 (04.05.2023): Slides, recording Lecture 06 (05/11/2023): Slides, recording Lecture 07 (05/17/2023): Slides, recording Lecture 08 (05/25/2023): Slides, recording Lecture 09 (08.06.2023): Slides, recording Lecture 10 (06/15/2023): Slides, recording Lecture 11 (06/22/2023): Slides, recording Lecture 12 (06/29/2023): Slides, recording Lecture 13 (07/06/2023): Slides, recording Lecture 14 (07/13/2023): slides, recording

Exercise 01 (no submission required): Assignments Exercise 02 (due by 04/27): Assignments Exercise 03 (due by 11/05): Assignments Exercise 04 (due by 05/25): Assignments Exercise 05 (due by 08.06.): Assignments Exercise 06 (due by 22.06.): Assignments Exercise 07 (due by 06.07.): Tasks



Thursday, 13:00 - 14:30, HU-Hs, Prof. D. Kuske.



Friday odd week, 11:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m., Sr K 2035, M.Sc. Christian Schwarz

Monday even week, 13:00 - 14:30, Sr H 1520b, M.Sc. Christian Schwarz

Exercise information

Every second week we publish an exercise sheet. Please solve the exercises before the exercise. At the indicated exercise dates, Mr. Schwarz will discuss your solutions with you. In addition, you have the possibility to hand in separately marked exercises for bonus points. You can either do this on Thursdays immediately before the lecture in the odd week at 13:00 or alternatively by dropping them in the mailbox in the hallway in front of room Z 1047 (also by Thursday of the odd week, 13:00). We will then check your submissions and convert the points you have achieved into bonus points for the exam. The corrected papers will be returned to you during the lecture.