Library communication 3/2022

22 November 2022

New database for standards–Nautos replaces Perinorm

Since 2003, the University Library has been providing electronic full standard texts for scientific use within the TU. The new standards platform Nautos now replaces the previous database Perinorm after many years. The new interface offers the same content and the common direct access to the full texts of the DIN standards and the VDI guidelines in the new layout.

Perinorm will no longer be available after 15 December 2022, and those interested in using the new platform should have learned about the new interface by then. Please also remember to update your bookmarks in the browser or other links to the standards database if necessary:

For copyright reasons, the VDE-marked standards can only be handed out as hard copies at the library counter. If you have any questions about our services, please contact our reference staff ( or Dr. J. Wilken (

News on Open Access publication support

Agreement with IEEE to promote Open Access

The University Library extends the range of transformative agreements for the promotion of Open Access at the TU Ilmenau. From 30 November 2022 to 29 November 2023 members and staff of the TU Ilmenau will have access to all contents subject to licensing in IEEE Xplore and will additionally be able to publish as “Corresponding Author” Open Access in most journals (see IEEE Title List: Full Open Access and Hybrid Open Access).

The number of OA publications covered by the agreement is limited to 15 articles; the publication expenses for these articles are already included in the total contractual costs, which are borne by the University Library. Should this budget have been spent during the agreement period, members may apply for funding of article fees in the OA journals (Full Open Access) up to a maximum of EUR 1,800 by the Publication Fund of the TU Ilmenau (form).

DEAL contract with Wiley renewed for 2023

An agreement has been reached between the DEAL project group and the publishing house Wiley to extend the existing agreement for another year. This also benefits the TU Ilmenau, which has joined the agreement renewal.

The agreement includes, as before, access to almost the entire journal portfolio of the publisher as well as the possibility to publish in Wiley’s journals using OA channels. However, the agreement is expected to involve higher costs, which are borne by the University Library.

There are no changes to the funding opportunities, the funding terms and the publication process: For publications in the publisher’s hybrid journals, there are no costs for authors from the TU Ilmenau. For publications in the publisher’s Gold Open Access journals, you can apply for financial support amounting to a maximum of EUR 1,800 provided by the Publication Fund (form).


Please visit the library's website for more information on the agreements and the publication opportunities associated with each.

Please contact the Open Access Services of the University Library with any questions or comments about Open Access publishing: The Licensing Team will be happy to answer any general questions you may have about the agreements concluded or the licensed content: