Exhibition project on the energy transition - First project meeting after six months of cooperation

EMPK department presents important milestones at DECHEMA

At a two-day working meeting on the BMBF-funded project "Science Communication on Energy Transition", the EMPK department presented initial results on media and public opinion on the topic of "Energy Transition" in November. One result of the nationwide representative survey (N= 2025) conducted by the department shows, for example, that the so-called "passive supporters" form the largest segment of the population in Germany with a total of 33 percent. Passive supporters clearly have a positive attitude towards the energy transition and also make an effort to act in a climate-friendly way in their everyday lives. However, they rarely communicate about the topic with others and therefore do not spread their positive opinion. Such silent majorities can contribute to public misconceptions about the actual views of citizens.

For the first time since work on the project began six months ago, the network partners met in the presence of the public. The meeting took place in the conference centre of the Society for Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology (DECHEMA) in Frankfurt, with appropriate hygiene requirements.