Automated room acoustic measurement

In the field of Auditory Augmented Reality (AAR), one goal is to offer a listening experience that comes as close as possible to a real scenario. Measured spatial room impulse responses (SRIRs) describe the acoustics of a room and can serve as a reference for acoustic simulations or parameterization of room acoustics. The research group is developing an autonomous system for measuring SRIRs using a mobile robot platform. The system consists of a commercially available self-propelled platform on which a microphone array is mounted, while the sound sources are distributed at fixed positions in the room. The system is capable of performing high spatial resolution measurements of SRIRs in a uniform grid or an arbitrary grid. Current research projects are investigating how acoustically relevant areas in a room can be automatically recognized in order to measure only relevant areas with high resolution. The interaction with spatial auditory perception in AAR applications is also part of current research.

Paper DAGA 2023: Autonomous Robotic Platform to Measure Spatial Room Impulse Responses (

Paper IEEE i3da 2023: Discussion of Acoustic and Perceptual Optimization Methods for Measuring Spatial Room Impulse Responses with a Mobile Robotic Platform | IEEE Conference Publication | IEEE Xplore

Dataset as example: A high spatial resolution dataset of spatial room impulse responses for different acoustic room configurations (


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