Equipment in the Institute for Media Technology

The group is part of the Institute for Media Technology and can therefore access the equipment of the institute.

The Audio Technology Lab and devices in the field of spatial audio are named separately below.


Audio Technology Lab

The laboratory is used for research and development of technologies in the field of spatial audio. It fulfils the acoustic requirements of the ITU-R BS.1116 standard. The following permanently installed infrastructure is located in the room (excerpt):

  • 22.2 NHK loudspeaker setup with Geithain RL906 as well as 5.1 surround setup with Geithain RL901.
  • Traverse system on the ceiling for free configuration of different loudspeaker arrangements
  • Motu AVB DA converter with 24 outputs
  • feed in the control room via RME AVB interface with a maximum of 128 channels
  • Yamaha CXA5100 decoder
  • Sony UHD/4k SRXD close projection on acoustically transparent screen or on HDR optimized, non acoustically transparent screen
  • HDMI cabling for UHD with 4:4:4


The following equipment is available for research and teaching work (selection).

  • Microphone array: KEMAR artificial head, motion-tracked binaural, Spatial Decomposition Method, Eigenmike.
  • Turntable
  • Extra-aural headphones
  • Head-Mounted Displays
  • QualiSys Motion Tracking
  • Microphones for individual applications
  • Computer technology