Historical sounds

In a cooperative collaboration with theLeibniz Institute for Knowledge Media and the German Maritime Museumwe are making our audio-AR system available to carry out an empirical study.The aim is to focus on the importance of all the senses in museum communication. In a first step, the working group would like to focus on the connection between acoustics, spatial perception and knowledge transfer and investigate this on two levels: How can the historicity of sounds and noises be integrated into a museum narrative? What role do acoustics play in connection with the movement of visitors and in the field of tension between analog and digital in the transfer of knowledge? To investigate these questions, cognitive psychologists from the Leibniz-Institut für Wissensmedien and the German Maritime Museum have teamed up with the Department of Electronic Media Technology at Ilmenau University of Technology to reconstruct the rooms of the German Maritime Museum's museum tugboat SEEFALKE in an audiovisual VR environment and add historical sounds.

Contact person

Stephan Werner+49 3677 69-1653| stephan.werner@tu-ilmenau.deHelmoltzbau,Room H3520