Digital Astronaut - Outboard use in space

The project includes a demonstrator for an immersive audiovisual experience of a simulated outdoor mission on the International Space Station as a virtual reality application. The application is designed for two people. One person takes on the role of a virtual astronaut and carries out activities outside the space station, while the other person has the task of guiding their colleague from inside the station. A visual representation and a simulated radio link are created for this purpose.

The objectives are to convey the challenges of cooperative working and problem solving, as well as the opportunity to look behind the scenes of an interactive audiovisual VR system and understand the technology.

The demonstrator will also serve as a workshop offering for our partner 'Die Digitalmacherei'. The aim is to generate enthusiasm for STEM subjects and research. The aim is to create a clear link to educational programs in schools, universities and extracurricular institutions. The relevance of STEM topics for current and future fields of activity and technologies will be presented.

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