Start-up Stories

More than 250 spin-offs have been recorded at the TU Ilmenau since 1990. Of these, more than 100 technology-oriented companies have settled in the immediate vicinity of the university. This has led to the creation of several new business parks around the university. The innovative spin-off activities are thematically influenced by the teaching and research portfolio of the TU Ilmenau and have produced, among others, world market leaders. The active networking of business and science contributes significantly to a start-up-friendly region. With its support structures and location factors, its proximity to the university and other transfer institutions, the Ilmenau location offers excellent conditions for start-ups.

In the subpages, some of the founders and their stories are presented in more detail. Of course, this is only a selection of the spin-offs at the university, which is also regularly supplemented. Feel free to take a look around and discover Ilmenau as a location.