SNIPIN UG (limited liability)

Teaching a mindful approach to digital media

SNIPIN was founded in December 2018 and aims to teach a mindful and meaningful use of digital media. The goal is to create the lowest possible threshold and simple access to meaningful use of the digital world for everyone and thus contribute to digital participation and digital maturity.

Dr.-Ing. Sara Werner is the sole managing director and founder of the mobile digital workshop. She graduated in "Digital Television", followed by a PhD in Media Technology. Through the Existenzgründerpass she dealt more intensively with the idea of founding a company, through the possibility of legal and tax advice, the first step to founding a company was less hurdled. "Make yourself a puppet show!" This sentence didn't let Sara go - the idea for an A/V application for creative and simple storytelling was born. SNIPIN is an artificial word as a representation of the action "cut something into it". Originally it was about snipping, cutting, pasting, integrating, doing it yourself. Today the offer of SNIPIN is a little different:

As the initiator of SNIPIN and with her mobile digital workshop, Sara mainly supports children, parents, educators and developers of child-friendly digital offerings. Her concern is to teach children how to use digital media in a mindful and meaningful way. The founder works mainly in Ilmenau and the surrounding area, as well as in Erfurt, together with local partners. In 2022, the establishment of the project "DIE.Digitalmacherei" is in planning. DIE.Digitalmacherei is a colorful place in Erfurt's KrämerLoft where digital skills are taught. The company mainly offers workshops, work boxes, consulting and development services. Depending on the request, the workshops include, on the one hand, technically practical offerings (including playful programming learning), and on the other, offerings with a focus on general media literacy and media ethics, including topics such as media addiction or cybercrime. In the future, DIE Digitalmacherei in Erfurt's KrämerLoft will also offer children's birthday parties and adult evenings on these topics.

SNIPIN's greatest success to date has been the development of an artificial intelligence in the form of a so-called WERK box for children. With these Werk boxes, children learn concepts of digital technology in a playful way and thus have a homemade product for everyday use in their hands.

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Status: 2022

Sara Werner