Using artificial intelligence to combat the IT workers shortage

AI-UI GmbH was founded in January 2021 out of the TU Ilmenau and has since been developing so-called NO-CODE software for generating, testing and putting AI into production - mainly for the field of Industry 4.0.

The company consists of the founders Martin Schiele, (CEO) Stephan Gasterstädt, (CTO) Pengcheng Fan (CAIO), Tobias Bauer and Philipp Claus. Although the five are united by a technical background in computer science at Ilmenau Technical University, the majority of the group got to know each other during a parkour sports course. At that time, they were already researching an initial user interface for AI. The idea of marketing this technology grew stronger and stronger. In order to make the step from science to business, the team received support from business angels at Trust1319 GmbH.

Since then, the founding team has been pursuing the vision of enabling less qualified people without IT skills to develop data-driven models. This is intended to support other companies, particularly in the areas of quality assurance via image evaluation, time series analysis or document management. In order to implement this project as efficiently and appropriately as possible, they work on the one hand in consulting, project work and at the same time with their own software as SaaS (Software-as-a-Service). The strong emphasis on automation is intended to counteract the prevailing shortage of skilled workers in the IT sector.

Since the company was founded, it has already helped a large number of companies with a wide variety of problems, including TU Ilmenau, Ernst Abbe University of Applied Sciences Jena, Kapp Niles GmbH from Coburg and many more. The five founders are also particularly proud of their broad expertise in the field of software development. This clearly sets AI-UI apart from other competitors and enables it to offer particularly complex software solutions.

Further information about AI-UI GmbH can be found on the website and LinkedIn.

Status: 08/2023

Pengcheng Fan and Philipp Claus