u.works GmbH

User research and usability testing for companies

u.works GmbH was founded in 2020 in October and aims to help companies create more user-friendly products, services and systems. Through continuing education and training, everyone can ultimately benefit and feel good about using technology in their everyday and professional lives.

Cindy Mayas is not only the sole founder, but also a shareholder and managing director of u.works GmbH. The idea to found the company came to her from her boss at the time - she then jumped in at the deep end with the first potential customer. The company was born out of her work at the university, where she spent ten years working on research and industry projects and helping companies improve the usability of researched or newly developed products. During her time at the university, Cindy developed a portfolio of methods that is especially applicable for medium-sized companies. She was able to take this with her into her newly founded company and also offer it directly in her trainings.

u.works primarily supports small and medium-sized companies to improve the usability of their products. These are primarily software-driven products where there is a high level of human-machine interaction. The company offers user studies, usability tests and further training for employees in workshops & via e-learning. In the three major service areas "User Research", "Usage Requirements" and "Usability Evaluation" Cindy offers possibilities to analyze and integrate the needs of the users. In the so-called Basic Training, companies are introduced to processes and methods of user-oriented development within 30 hours. The Special Training lasts eight hours and deals with the deepening and application of a selected method. If required, companies can also book the Individual Training - here the training is adapted to the individual challenges of the company.

The biggest milestone for Cindy was the first customer and therefore also the first completed order. Future plans include offering special workshops on-site at companies to provide more targeted support and to tackle problems and challenges together.

For more information about u.works GmbH, please visit the website.

Cindy Mayas