Lynatox Ltd.

Catalytic water and air purification

Lynatox GmbH develops innovative photocatalytic assemblies and devices for industrial and scientific applications in the field of air and water purification. The goal of Lynatox GmbH is to provide clean air and water for all people. Lynatox identifies with the human dream of living in a world that provides healthy living conditions for all people.

In 2016, Lynatox GmbH was founded by TU Ilmenau graduates Tobias Schnabel, Daniel Martschoke and Lars Matting as a subsidiary of Synantik GmbH, a spin-off of TU Ilmenau. Daniel Martschoke, due to his extensive experience in the development of products and business models, takes on the role of CEO, which includes management and development. Tobias Schnabel is an expert in photocatalysis and is the CTO of Lynatox GmbH. Both have known each other since their school days. Lars Matting, who has been successful in B2B sales for many years, is responsible for marketing & sales as CSO.

The Lynatox air purifier removes pollutants, viruses, bacteria, allergens, odors, etc. from the air and is therefore a more efficient solution against pollutant levels exceeding the guideline values than costly remediation work. The versatility of the air purifier, such as in medical facilities, schools, gyms and offices, is ensured by the efficient construction and the individual design, as well as an almost silent cleaning of the device.

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Status: 2022