A sustainable path to a healthier life with a nutrition app

YAZIO GmbH was founded in 2011 by Sebastian Weber and Florian Weißenstein. Since then, the company has been helping people around the world to achieve their health and nutrition goals. Instead of strict diets and short-term solutions, the focus is on developing healthy, realistic and sustainable (eating) habits. This concept has now won over more than 80 million people worldwide - making YAZIO one of the most successful nutrition apps ever.

The founders Sebastian and Florian studied Business Economics together at Ilmenau Technical University. At the time, it quickly became clear that they had similar interests and wanted to become active themselves: They share a passion for sport and nutrition, as well as the internet and technology in general.

They were looking for a calorie table in combination with a food diary, but couldn't find what they were looking for. So they decided to take matters into their own hands and create a web application according to their wishes. This is how the two founders' shared flat became the birthplace of YAZIO.

In the beginning, the focus was still very much on the website, but gradually the app came into the picture. This helps adults to pursue their goals, such as achieving a specific desired weight. Among other things, the YAZIO app offers a food diary, a calorie counter, a food and recipe database and an activity tracker. Its unique selling point is its particularly easy and intuitive use. Almost every area and every feature can be customized, which is particularly important when it comes to personal issues such as nutrition, weight and health.

YAZIO now has over 75 employees who share the vision of changing the lives of as many people as possible for the better through healthy eating habits.

Further information about YAZIO GmbH can be found on the websiteInstagramor LinkedIn.

Status: 08/2023

Florian Weißenstein and Sebastian Weber